Our group is focused on atomic level understanding of proteins and its relationships with other molecules in metabolic pathways.Progress has been made in studying Protein-Protein and protein-DNA interactions. Identification and development of active sites are given importance from application point of view. Lots of study has been carried out in these lines. Stabilization of proteins is given thrust as it has several applications in health care and food science. Improvement in the gene identification tools based on carbon content is of another interest of our group. Evolutionary relationship among the proteins and species are in progress.Most importantly the understanding of proteins in healthy and diseased states is underway. This might pave way for solving most of the genetic diseases. Gene based remedy will be of our concept in the years to come. Currently we are working on carbon role in SNP, hydrophobic core identification, repeats finding, labile proteins, protein kinetics, secondary structure, membrane & globular proteins, directed evolution, heat shock protein, viral proteins, enzymatic proteins, disordered proteins and toxicity identification.


Our recent topics of publication include;
1.Hydrophobic nature of proteins.
2.Pattern recognition.
3.Role of thymine in production of protein with adequate hydrophobicity.
4.Sequence analysis tool development.
5.Diseased, viral and poisonous protein sequence analysis.
6.Carbon and proteins half life.
7.Protein evolution.
8.Studies on proteins involved in neural disorder.
9.mRNA sequence analysis.
10.Protein hydration.
11.Carbon distribution in alanine aminotransferase.
12.Carbon content of H1N1 proteins.